Who can take the Provider course?

AHLS is about the medical management of hazmat patients. The target audience is: physicians, physician assistants, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and toxicologists.

The AHLS Provider course can also be taken by non-medical personnel such as chemical engineers and lab technicians. Non-medical personnel and EMT-B’s will NOT receive verification, but will receive a certificate of completion and continuing education credits from the AHLS International Headquarters.
Non-medical personnel can only take the Provider course. The Instructor course is reserved for medical personnel only (excluding EMT-B’s, EMT-I’s and Respiratory Therapists).

Course presentations are designed for EMS and other health professionals. Non-medical personnel are eligible to attend the Provider course. However, non-medical personnel, Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), and EMT-Basics will not be verified in the course, but will receive a certificate of completion and continuing education credits provided solely by AHLS.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMT), EMT-Intermediates  and Respiratory Therapists can become verified Providers. They can also be considered to become instructors on a case-by-case basis. Approval to take the Instructor Course will be decided by the Administrative Policy Committee upon review of the candidate’s credentials.

* Please note: Medical Personnel (excluding Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT),EMT-B and EMT-I’s, and Respiratory Therapists)  may become AHLS Instructors. However, AHLS requires a team of instructors for the Provider Course, including a board-certified toxicologist and a medical director (if toxicologist is not a physician) who is a current AHLS Instructor. An AHLS Instructor may be from any health profession including paramedic (CEP/EMT-P, AEMT/EMT-I only), nurse, respiratory therapist, physician assistant, physician and pharmacist.

When will I find out about if my course has been approved?

Applications are reviewed by AHLS International Headquarters and the Regional Director, and the Course Director will be contacted within two weeks of receipt.

How do I apply to host an AHLS course?

To apply to host any AHLS course offering, the Course Director should contact AHLS to receive access to a menu item, “Course Management” which will appear in the left menu, then click on Create a Course and follow the links to the online application. The completed application, preliminary budget and $25 application fee are due a minimum of 6 months prior to the planned course.

How many people can register for a course?

All AHLS courses are limited to 100 participants, allowing for a maximum student/faculty ratio of 25:1.

What is necessary to hold a Provider/Instructor, Toxic Terrorism or Chemical Burns course?

First, the Regional Director should be contacted and a Course Director assigned to the course. If the Course Director is not a physician or Board-Certified Toxicologist, a verified Instructor who is also a physician and one who is a Board-Certified Toxicologist will need to be available during the Provider course. A physician and Board-Certified Toxicologist are not necessary for the AHLS for Chemical Burns or AHLS for Toxic Terrorism courses. The facility (lecture hall) for the course must have ample seating and room for a/v equipment, allowing all participants to see the slides. A small number of rooms (up to four) with a capacity of 25 is necessary for the afternoon scenarios for the course.

How many instructors are needed to teach a course?

A minimum of two instructors is necessary for each course. For instance, if the Course Director will teach the didactic lectures, another instructor can assist with the interactive case studies (scenarios). There must be a ratio of 1:25 for faculty to students for all AHLS courses.

How do I locate instructors to teach the course?

The Course Director can look up a list of instructors from the website and contact indviduals to teach. The Course Director should first contact AHLS to receive access to a list of Instructors.

My course was approved, what is the next step?

AHLS International Headquarters will provide the Course Director with the necessary documents to advertise and plan the course. The Course Director is responsible for the course, however, another person can serve as the contact person for registrants.

A sample brochure is included on the Course Management website for you to follow for advertising purposes. The Course Director will be provided access to parts of the website allowing downloading of documents for the course in two phases: 1) after application approval, 2) after payment for all participants is received by AHLS International Headquarters. The Course Director is responsible for downloading all materials.

Advertise early to ensure that your course will have the proper number of registrants for a viable course. International Headquarters has suggested prices for the course, however each site can charge different fees.

How do I find a Course Director?

The AHLS website lists all Regional Directors. Contact the Regional Director in your area to make arrangements for your course. If the Regional Director for your area is unavailable to serve as the toxicologist, medical director or instructor, and you are not a verified AHLS Instructor, either you or the Regional Director should contact AHLS International Headquarters to locate a qualified AHLS Instructor.

Who can apply to host an AHLS course?

An organization, such as a poison center, fire department, emergency department, hospital, or state health department can host a course. However, the application must come from a verified AHLS Instructor.