Syllabus for AHLS Provider/Instructor Course

Provider Course, Day 1

(Actual Course Times May Vary)
8:00am                        Registration, Pretest, Survey
A. Lectures
9:00am         Section I:  General Principles of AHLS
                       Chapter 1:  Hazardous Materials Epidemiology:  Hazmat Happens 
                       Chapter 2:  Important Properties of Hazardous Materials                       
                       Chapter 3:  Medical Management of Hazmat Victims

10:20am        Break
10:30am      Section I:  General Principles of AHLS Continued
                      Chapter 3:  Medical Management of Hazmat Victims (cont’d)
                      Chapter 7:  Establishing and Organizing a Hazmat Response Team
Noon             Lunch Break
1:00 pm        Section II:  Toxic Inhalations
                       Chapter 8:  Irritant Gases
                       Chapter 9:  Asphyxiants
                       Chapter 10:  Antidotes in Detail:  Normobaric Oxygen
                       Chapter 11:  Antidotes in Detail:  Hyperbaric Oxygen
                       Chapter 12:  Antidotes in Detail:  Methylene Blue
2:15pm         Break
2:30pm         Section II:  Toxic Inhalations (Continued) 
                       Chapter 13:  Antidotes in Detail:  Amyl Nitrite
                       Chapter 14:  Antidotes in Detail:  Sodium Nitrite
                       Chapter 15:  Antidotes in Detail:  Sodium Thiosulfate
2:45pm         Section III: Pesticide Poisoning
                       Chapter 16:  Cholinesterase Inhibitors:  Organophosphates and Carbamates
                       Chapter 17:  Antidotes in Detail:  Pralidoxime
                       Chapter 18:  Antidotes in Detail:  Atropine
B. Scenarios

3:25pm           Transition to Break-Out Rooms
3:35pm           Interactive Case Studies  
5:00pm           Day One Wrap Up 


Provider Course, Day 2 

8:00am                        Continental Breakfast

A. Lectures

8:15am        Section IV:  Toxic Terrorism
                     Chapter 22:   Introduction to Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Terrorism 
                     Chapter 23:   Chemo terrorism:  Nerve Agents
9:35am          Break
9:45am         Chapter 24: Bioterrorism
11:20am        Break
11:30am       Chapter 25: Vaccinia Vaccine
                    Chapter 26:   Trivalent (A,B,E) Botulinum Antitoxin
                    Chapter 27:   Heptavalent (A,B,C,D,E,F,G) Botulinum Antitoxin
11:55am          Lunch Break
12:55pm         Section IV:  Toxic Terrorism

                       Chapter 28:   Radiological and Nuclear Incidents & Terrorism
1:40 pm           Section V:  Corrosives, Hydrocarbons, & Halogenated Hydrocarbons

                        Chapter 29:  Corrosives
                        Chapter 30:  Hydrocarbons & Halogenated Hydrocarbons
2:40 pm           Section VI:  Miscellaneous Toxicants

                        Chapter 31:  Hydrazines
                        Chapter 32: Antidotes in Detail: Pyridoxine
                        Chapter 33:  Hydrofluoric Acids and Fluorides
                        Chapter 34: Antidotes in Detail: Calcium Gluconate
                        Chapter 35:  Antidotes in Detail:  Calcium Chloride

B. Scenarios

3:30pm            Transition to Break Out Rooms
3:35pm            Interactive Case Studies  

C. Exam
4:35pm          Mandatory Exam and Course Evaluation

AHLS Instructor Course, Day 3 

(Actual Course Times May Vary)

8:00am                  Continental Breakfast

A. Lectures
AHLS Policies and Procedures
                             Chapter 1: An Introduction to AHLS
                             Chapter 2: AHLS Faculty
                             Chapter 3: AHLS Provider Course
                             Chapter 4: AHLS Instructor Course            

How to Conduct an AHLS Program
                            Chapter 5: How to Conduct an AHLS Program
                            Chapter 6: A Checklist for Conducting a Program 

Adult Education Teaching Tools
            Chapter 7: Adult Education 
                          Chapter 8: Lectures & Scenarios: The Critical Points of AHLS 

Noon                    Lunch Break
B. Instructor Workshop
1:00pm                “Mini” Lecture Series

C. Exam 

3:00pm                 Mandatory Exam and Course Evaluation

Course Objectives:

The AHLS Instructor program is a 6-hour, 1-day course. Participants will be able to:

u Define and demonstrate AHLS principles and adult education theory
u  Demonstrate how to properly conduct lectures to facilitate learnin

You will receive verification from AHLS International Headquarters in 4 – 6 weeks. Thank you.