AHLS for Toxmedics


(Actual Couse Times May Vary)


12:45pm                                                        Sign-in

1:00-1:55pm                                                  Intro and Decon

                                                                        Case 1:  You Give Me a Headache!

                                                                        Case 2:  This is for You, Mate!

                                                                        Case 3:  Oops…not in the Crusher


1:55-2:50pm                                                  Section 1 Cases

                                                                        Case 4:  Man Down in the Basement

                                                                        Case 5:  It’s Cold Outside

                                                                        Case 6:  You’re so Blue

                                                                        Case 7:  House on Fire


2:50-3:00pm                                                  Break


3:00-3:55pm                                                  Section 2 Cases

                                                                        Case 8:  Sick in the Subway

                                                                        Case 9:  Huff & Run, Drop & Shake

                                                                        Case 10:  Classic Car Corrosive

                                                                        Case 11:  Cut & Contaminated


3:55-4:05pm                                                  Break


4:05-5:00pm                                                  Tabletop Exercise