AHLS Instructor Course Syllabus

(Actual Course Times May Vary)

8:00am                  Continental Breakfast

A. Lectures
AHLS Policies and Procedures
                             Chapter 1: An Introduction to AHLS
                             Chapter 2: AHLS Faculty
                             Chapter 3: AHLS Provider Course
                             Chapter 4: AHLS Instructor Course            

How to Conduct an AHLS Program
                            Chapter 5: How to Conduct an AHLS Program
                            Chapter 6: A Checklist for Conducting a Program 

Adult Education Teaching Tools
            Chapter 7: Adult Education 
                          Chapter 8: Lectures & Scenarios: The Critical Points of AHLS 

Noon                    Lunch Break
B. Instructor Workshop
1:00pm                “Mini” Lecture Series

C. Exam 

3:00pm                 Mandatory Exam and Course Evaluation

Course Objectives:

The AHLS Instructor program is a 6-hour, 1-day course. Participants will be able to:

u  Review AHLS policies and procedures.
u  Identify the process for conducting an AHLS program.
u  Recognize common adult education theories and how to apply in teaching the AHLS curriculum.
u  Define and demonstrate AHLS principles and adult education theory.
u  Explain why the dos and don'ts of teaching affect student learning and interaction.