AHLS Instructor Course Syllabus



1 p.m.              AHLS Policies and Procedures

Chapter 1: Introduction to AHLS

Chapter 2: AHLS Infrastructure

Chapter 3: AHLS Courses


            2:05 p.m.         Break


2:15 p.m.         How to Conduct an AHLS Program

Chapter 4: Conducting an AHLS Course

Chapter 5: A Checklist for Conducting an AHLS Course


2:45 p.m.         Adult Education

Chapter 6: Adult Education

Chapter 7: Lectures and Tabletop Exercises


3:15 p.m.         Break


Instructor Workshop:


3:20 p.m.         “Mini” Lecture




4:20 p.m.         Mandatory Exam & Course Evaluation


Course Concludes:


              5:00 p.m.        


Course Objectives 

The AHLS Instructor Course is a 4-hour, half-day course, after which participants will be able to:

u Describe the qualifications and responsibilities of AHLS Scientific Advisory Committee members, AHLS Administrative Policy Committee members, AHLS Regional Directors, AHLS Course Directors, and AHLS Instructors.

u Describe how to apply to host an AHLS course.

u Identify the proper student-to-instructor ratio for each course.

u Define and demonstrate AHLS and adult education principles.

u Demonstrate how to properly conduct AHLS lectures to facilitate learning.

u Explain how the “do’s” and “don’ts” of teaching affect student learning and interaction.