Premier HAZMAT training for the healthcare professional

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              AHLS Provider Course

The Advanced Hazmat Life Support (AHLS) Provider program is a 16 hour, two-day course that teaches healthcare professionals to medically manage patients exposed to hazardous materials, including chemical, biological and radiological incidents. Participants learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of exposure in order to medically manage patients of hazmat incidents. Healthcare professionals receive a four-year verification status upon successful completion of the course.

This course covers hazardous materials including pesticides, corrosives, irritant gases, asphyxiants, hydrocarbons and substituted hydrocarbons and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents. Specific antidotes and their indications, contraindications, dosing and route are also included.

After the AHLS Provider course, participants will be able to:


To view a detailed syllabus of the course:

AHLS Provider


Non-medical course participants can attend the course, and will receive certificates of completion but will not become verified.

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